About me

Ran off and joined the circus, have been travelling ever since.

Like nothing better than to get my hands stuck into into natural dye-pots and vats- Indigo especially, reminds me of Celts painted blue...wonder if they dipped their moustaches aswell? Once had to get into an Indigo vat, as I'd dropped a penknife in there somewhere - All my nails came out a brilliant blue , took ages to return to a greyish pink...there are some bits you really cant scrub!!

I'm a Sagitarius, which I've been told accounts for my fiery nature - some say crotchety, temperamental etc, but I  put it down to an intollerance for Chilli.

Worked for years in theatre- wardrobe dept, which contrary to all glamourous mis-interpretations means washing skids 
Got into textiles because you don't have to fit scarves on tetchy actors and egomaniacs.Don't have to talk to anybody ...Maybe your indigo vat if you want it to work beautifully.  Cloth never answers you back- haven't tried  psychedlics recently- don't have to smooth people's egos , respond to 'dear', 'petal', or my personal favourite, 'love'.  Annoying at the best of times, particularly so if you are a 6'4" hairy man! Was it the chillies again maybe?